The management of Governance, Risk, Compliance and IT-Security (GRC) Issues

GRC Management in today's global economy is one of the biggest challenges an organization faces.

At GRCControllers we have demonstrated that our solution is the answer to 'how your organisation can comply in an efficient manner'. Together we will address and outline issues and solutions on how you can help your company, unify enterprise GRCmanagement.

Our AIM is the:
GRCControllers supports comprehensive global oversight on Good Governance, Risk Management, Compliance & IT Security (GRC) issues. Our primary objective is to strengthen implementation and monitoring.

We help companies to understand, develop oversight and comply with the current GRC problems. Let us formulate the principles and practices for a safer & sustainable corporate GRC approach, including bribery, fraud and corruption prevention & CSR issues.

The implementation assignments undertaken by GRCControllers are based on.

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