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Oracle Fusion GRC: The New Standard for Risk Management and Compliance

Only Oracle because Fusion Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC), a component of the Oracle Fusion Applications suite, provides a complete enterprise GRC platform that gives you:
  • The Power to Discover – unified intelligence for insight into the status of all GRC activities across the enterprise
  • The Power to Manage – end-to-end support for cross-indsutry and industry-specific GRC processes
  • The Power to Enforce – best-in-class automated controls that work across multiple business applications

Value for existing applications:

Oracle Fusion GRC works with your existing portfolio of applications to evolve your business to a new standard of risk management and compliance. Oracle Fusion GRC helps you:
  • Focus on Compliance: Fulfill Obligations by Enforcing Policy
  • Focus on Efficiency: Reduce Costs by Simplifying Compliance
  • Focus on Value: Improve Performance by Managing Risk

With Oracle Fusion GRC; you can run your business better and prove it.

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